LA Mart & Benjamin Moore “Color Experience” Challenge / by Bobby Berk

LAMDC & Benjamin Moore

Color Experience Design Challenge ©2017

Every year, companies release a singular vision on the colors that will influence industry trends. This year, LA Mart Design Center and Benjamin Moore are taking a different approach.


Benjamin Moore and the LA Mart Design Center at The Reef are excited to announce the 2017 Color Experience Design Challenge. This event was created as an opportunity for local design students (Cal State Long Beach & UCLA) to explore how this year’s color trends can be creatively expressed in interior spaces. Students teams will design interior vignettes with furnishings supplied by the LAMDC showrooms and Benjamin Moore’s Color of The Year. WEBSITE



The challenge will include 4 vignette categories: Outdoor/Indoor Living Space, Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom. Student participants will be grouped into teams of 2, and LAMDC will randomly assign each team with a category. Groups will create a team name to represent their work throughout the challenge (team names may NOT include the name of their school).

Groups will create concepts for their assigned category, incorporating Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year Shadow 2117-30 and furnishings from LA Mart’s Design Center Showrooms.

There will be a Semi-Finals Elimination Round to determine which 4 groups (1 from each category) will advance to the Finals, where their concepts will be assembled at the LA Mart Design Center and showcased during this year’s Designer Week. A panel of professional designers will judge the submissions by students to determine who moves onto the final rounds and who receives the Grand Prize Award.

Vignette Size: 18’x10’ (180 sq ft)

Budget: $20,000 (The budget is meant purely as a parameter for students selecting furnishings and decor to use in their design. No money will be distributed during this challenge. Teams will receive designer prices from showrooms.)

 Benjamin Moore Shadow 2117-30

Benjamin Moore Shadow 2117-30


Grand Prize Awarded by Design Panel

Judges will evaluate each design vignette based on the Best Use of Color and Space, Creativity and Originality, Presentation, Team Name and Branding, and Budget.

• Each member will be awarded a “Shadow Day” with a well-respected local designer/firm and will be eligible for consideration for any of their open internships.
• $75 Hennessey + Ingalls Gift Card for each team member
• Day on Us — free parking and lunch at LA Mart —for each team member
• 1-year Free Parking Pass at LA Mart for each team member
• Trophy

Judging: Vignettes will be evaluated on a scale of 1-5 for: Best Use of Space, Best Use of Color, Creativity and Originality, Presentation, Team Name and Branding, Use of Budget. Team with the highest total points wins.

Social Media Engagement Award

LAMDC and Benjamin Moore will select the team who best presents their creative process, collaboration with LA Mart, and team brand on social media.

• $50 American Express gift card for each team member
• Day on Us — free parking and lunch at LA Mart —for each team member
• 6-month Free Parking Pass at LA Mart for each team member

Judging: LAMDC and Benjamin Moore will cast ballots on teams who best document the creative process and collaboration with LA Mart, as well as their team brand. Team name must be tagged with each post to be considered toward award. (See page 6 for additional details.)

People’s Choice Award

During LA Mart’s Designer Week April 2-7, attendees will be invited to cast a ballot for their favorite design vignette.

• $25 American Express gift cards for each team member
• Day on Us — free parking and lunch at LA Mart —for each team member

Judging: Voting by the attendees during the 2017 Winter Market Week. Ballots will be available at LA Mart During Designer Week (April 2-7, 2017). Team with highest total number of ballots cast for each
vignette wins.

In the event of a tie in any of these Award Categories, LA Mart Design Center and Benjamin Moore representatives will make the final ruling on winner. Judges will be announced at a later date.



Project Commences | Monday, January 23

Students provided with Design Challenge Guidelines and divide into teams of 2. Teams must submit names to by Thurs, Jan 26. LAMDC will reveal each team’s design category on Facebook on Friday, Jan 27.

Concept Development | Mon, Jan 23 – Sat, Feb 18

Teams begin developing design concept. Students are welcome to visit showrooms during this time to assess what kinds of furnishings will be available to them. LAMDC is open M-F, 9-5pm. Students must check in at front desk. Parking will be validated.

Student Breakfast at LA Mart Design Center | Sat, Feb 18 | on site at LAMDC during Winter Market

• Meet-greet of students and showrooms
• Begin sourcing furnishings for designs
• Ask any questions about challenge
• View showcase space for finalists

Social Media Engagement | Sat, Feb 18 – Sat, April 8

Social media posts of concepts, sourcing and process to compete for Social Media Award. Team name must be tagged to be considered.

Semi-Finals Elimination Round Judging | Sat, March 11 | on site at LAMDC

Students will present vignette concepts for evaluation and Q+A by a panel of judges. 4 teams will be selected to move on to the Final Showcase.

People’s Choice Voting | March 18 – April 7

Voters are eligible to win a 2-night stay in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget. Limit 1 entry per person.

Finalist Vignette Set Up | March 13-17 | March 18 – on site at LAMDC

Teams selected during the Semi-Finals will provide LAMDC with finalized concept boards by March 13. LAMDC will deliver product to vignette spaces between March 13-17. Students will set up their vignettes on March 18 (each team is allowed to bring 1-2 assistants to help with set up).

Color Experience Trends CEU Lunch & Learn | Tues, April 4 @ 11AM | on site at LAMDC | 1.0 LU

Guest Speaker: Kali Sipes-Pleasant


Kali Sipes-Pleasant is an Architectural & Design Representative for Benjamin Moore focused on Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas markets. She has been with Benjamin Moore for more than six years and plays an integral role in maintaining and growing the brand’s position as a color & design authority. Her responsibilities include providing product information, assisting with project specifications and submittal review, and offering educational courses and CEU-credited presentations to the design community including architects, designers and universities. Kali also hosts designer-focused events held throughout the year and presents at key design industry trade shows.

  • Color Trends 2017
  • Presented by: Benjamin Moore & Co.
  • Apr 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM
  • 1.0 Learning Unit

Final Showcase and Awards Ceremony | Sat, April 8 | on site at LAMDC

Finalists will present vignettes for evaluation and Q+A by a panel of judges. Judges will evaluate and winners will be announced.


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